Above: The Fox lab celebrates Stephen and Morgan’s graduation, June 2016. L to R: Rob, Stephen, Morgan, Lilian, Michelle, Jessica, Jeremy.

Current lab members


Jeremy Fox, Professor

His name’s on the door, so he must be in charge (?)

rob morgante

Rob Morgante, MSc student

Rob joined the Fox lab in Fall 2015 after finishing his honors degree at Towson State University. He’s working on how plant-plant interactions and plant-soil feedbacks affect elevational range limits in mountain plants.


Kat Jordan, MSc student

Kat joined the lab in Fall 2017, having previously done a bachelor’s in Maine in the US and then spent a couple of years away from academia. Kat has a paleontological background. She is going to identify fossil datasets to which the Price equation can be applied to estimate species selection and other macroevolutionary forces (building on some recent work of Jeremy’s: Rankin et al. 2015).

Rachel Tessier, MSc student

Rachel joined the lab in Fall 2017 after finishing her bachelor’s at LSU in the US. Rachel is interested in species distributions, range shifts, and coexistence along environmental gradients. Picture coming soon!

Christine Song, honors student

Christine is a double major, doing her Ecology honors project in the Fox lab. She’s doing a microcosm experiment on species coexistence in spatially-heterogeneous environments. Picture coming soon!

Jacob Rovere, honors student

Jacob’s Ecology honor’s project asks whether the same mechanisms that make species rare also allow them to coexist stably with more common species. He’ll be applying a recently-developed analytical approach (Yenni et al. 2017 Ecology) to long-term monitoring data from lake zooplankton communities. Picture coming soon!

Fox Lab alumni


Dave Vasseur

Grad students

Jessica Hopson, MSc

Stephen Hausch, PhD

Brian Kopach, PhD

Geoff Legault, PhD (transferred to Colorado)

Colin Olito, MSc

Jose Larrosa, MSc (exchange student)

Technicians and lab managers

Louise Hahn

Jessica Scharein

Tara Janes


Rameez Kabani, summer assistant

Grant Colijn, summer assistant

Ashlee Lillis, summer assistant

Christina Suzanne, summer assistant

Alycia Wilson, summer assistant

Juliette Chamagne, study student

Joyce MacNeil, summer assistant

Jodie Roberts, summer assistant

Ania Karzynska, independent study student

Zoe Cheung, summer assistant

Geoff Osgood, summer assistant and honors student

Liz Brennan, summer assistant

Julie Thomas, summer assistant and honors student

Stephanie Thibodeau, summer assistant and independent study student

Jodie Einarson, summer assistant

Peter Kim, summer assistant

Ivan Lajciak, independent study student

Lilian Guan, summer assistant

Michelle Ly, summer assistant and independent study student

Morgan Cotroneo, summer assistant, honors student, and technician

Arham Ahmed, independent study student

Ruiping Luo, honors student

Erin Laan, summer assistant

Alexandria Hamilton, summer assistant