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Population, community, and evolutionary dynamics

Latest news

22 August 2019: Congratulations to Rachel for passing her M.Sc. defense!

12 July 2019: Congratulations to Kat for passing her M.Sc. defense!

25 June 2019: Congratulations to Kaitlin Osterlund on her acceptance to the Fox lab as an M.Sc. student starting in Sept.

25 June 2019: Congratulations to former Fox lab student Geoff Legault, who transferred to Colorado but not before completing an experiment that is now in press at Oikos.

24 June 2019: Jeremy likes to do amateur philosophy of science on his blog, so he’s proud that he now has a paper in press at a philosophy journal. “The many roads to generality in ecology”, an expansion of this blog post, is in press at Philosophical Topics.

23 June 2019: Jeremy will be speaking at the 2019 Ecological Society of America meeting in August if you want hear about what he’s working on these days or just say hi to him.

5 January 2019: Welcome to new graduate student Ross Conner! Ross joins us after many years as an environmental consultant. He plans to do a PhD combining models and microcosm experiments to tease apart mechanisms of coexistence among competing species.