The Fox Lab


Population, community, and evolutionary dynamics

Latest news

Sept. 7, 2020: This is belated news, but Jeremy’s NSERC Discovery Grant renewal was successful. Very successful, actually! The Fox lab is now in position to grow in size and buy some snazzy new equipment.

June 28, 2020: Jeremy’s new paper with collaborators Mark Genung and Rachel Winfree is now published in GEB.

Mar. 3, 2020: Former Ph.D. student Stephen Hausch’s final dissertation chapter is finally published in Ecology & Evolution.

Jan. 15, 2020: Jeremy has a new paper in the Ecological Society of America Bulletin, pulling together the voluminous data he compiled on the North American ecology faculty job market.

Jan. 2020: Jeremy gave a poster on now-graduated M.Sc. student Rachel Tessier’s work at the American Society of Naturalists standalone meeting in Asilomar.