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Population, community, and evolutionary dynamics

Latest news

15 July 2017: Stephen’s paper on how coevolution of competing bean beetles does not stabilize their coexistence is now out in Ecology and Evolution. Turns out character displacement is not so easy to evolve…

15 July 2017: Jeremy is a co-author of a new review/perspectives piece on challenges and opportunities in modeling population cycles, just out in Ecology Letters.

15 July 2017: Jeremy’s new paper on the “spatial hydra effect” (i.e. how local population extinctions can actually increase metapopulation persistence, analogous to how cutting off one of the mythical hydra’s heads caused it to grow two new ones) has been accepted at Nature Ecology and Evolution.

12 June 2017: Congratulations to Jessica for passing her master’s thesis defense with flying colors!

12 June 2017: Jeremy is a co-author on a new paper in Ecology about the relative importance of pollinator species richness and abundance as drivers of temporal variation in pollination services.