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Population, community, and evolutionary dynamics

Latest news

23 March 2018: Stephen’s paper on how intraspecific variation affects species coexistence in bean beetles is now in press at Ecology! Lovely result, very glad that this one will (finally!) see the light of day.

8 September 2017: Welcome to new master’s students Kat Jordan and Rachel Tessier!

23 August 2017: New Scientist has a nice write-up of our spatial hydra effect paper.

21 August 2017: Jeremy and collaborator/Fox lab alum Dave Vasseur’s new paper on the “spatial hydra effect” is out at Nature Ecology & Evolution. Co-authored with ace Fox lab undergrads Morgan Cotroneo and Lilian Guan, and Vasseur lab grad student Franz Simon. This is a super-cool theoretical and experimental result on how local extinctions can actually be good for metapopulation persistence. Follow-up work is already underway.

21 August 2017: Rob and Jessica both did a great job presenting their work at the 2017 ESA annual meeting in Portland. Jeremy’s talk wasn’t as stellar, but he plans to do better next year.

15 July 2017: Stephen’s paper on how coevolution of competing bean beetles does not stabilize their coexistence is now out in Ecology and Evolution. Turns out character displacement is not so easy to evolve…

15 July 2017: Jeremy is a co-author of a new review/perspectives piece on challenges and opportunities in modeling population cycles, just out in Ecology Letters.

12 June 2017: Congratulations to Jessica for passing her master’s thesis defense with flying colors!

12 June 2017: Jeremy is a co-author on a new paper in Ecology about the relative importance of pollinator species richness and abundance as drivers of temporal variation in pollination services.